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Friday, 21 February 2014
Topic: News

Greetings to all you IBA followers and dedicated students of the Bible.  This post is one part notice of blog resumption, one part musings on the sorts of topics I cover here at the Institute.  In short, I'm back after a long break on the blog.  Unfortunately, sometimes the nature of this blog is that it's intermittent.  Such is the life of a professor, and I have to alot time to other projects sometimes.  However, I have felt that this blog has been neglected for too long.

What is different about the IBA?  How is it different than other Biblical institutes?  These are questions that I get from time to time, so I thought this entry in particular would be uniquely suited toward illustrating how the IBA is distinctive.  If I were to draw attention to anything first it would be the orientation of the institute, that is to say, the assumption on faith that we live in a supernatural world.  Further, that this supernatural world is worthy of study using the rigors of good scholarship.  I've emphasized before that it is a marriage of the study of conventional and unorthodox Biblical topics and approaches.  The IBA is as interested in giants as it is in the way a first century A.D. olive farmer lived in the Levant.

A peek at the long term goals of the Institute will further clarify its uniqeness.  Eventually, a brick-and-mortar operation is planned, which would include the following: 1) Academic quality research library, 2) Museum 3) Expiditionary department 4) reproductions of Holy Land sites 5) a school teaching conventional and unorthodox Biblical studies courses.  ANYONE with the interest to pursue these topics would have access to these features.

In the recent months, I have had several people talk to me about the Institute and its future, with intimations of land donation for IBA use.  I feel blessed to even hear the suggestion, and am very excited at the prospect.  SO, there are some exciting things happening at the Institute. 

 I hope this post finds you well.  Stay tuned and will be in touch.

Posted by Professorburton at 1:43 AM CST

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