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Thursday, 23 June 2011
Topic: Antediluvian

A Dutch man recently built a life-size, functional duplicate of Noah's Ark, based on the instructions in Genesis.   The building of technologies from ancient or pre-literate peoples is referred to as ethnoarchaeology by anthropologists.  This is truly a feat of interest to biblical anthropology.  Read the story at the link below::


Posted by Professorburton at 4:15 PM CDT
Saturday, 19 February 2011
Witch World
Topic: Antediluvian

Have you ever wondered from where the occult came?  Its very inception may be found in the downfall of humanity.  That is to say, the Watcher Angels taught humanity the secrets of magic based on a relationship between the demonic realm and humans.  A review of apocryphal literature, such as the Book of Enoch, reveals just such a relationship.  The Watchers bequeath a host of occult knowledge to people in exchange for genetic access to mankind.  Amongst them were spellcraft, the unworking of spells, poisons, astrolgy, and geomancy.  Consider how such knowledge has been disseminated since the beginning of civilization, with exponential speed. 

At present I am working on this very issue in a revised edition of Interview with the Giant and another work entitled The Book of the Gray.  I will keep you apprised of progress. 

Posted by Professorburton at 5:02 PM CST
Updated: Saturday, 19 February 2011 5:14 PM CST
Friday, 27 November 2009
The Lost World and the Days of Noah: Inaugural Entry
Topic: Antediluvian

Welcome to the Biblical Anthropologist, the official blog of the Institute of Biblical Anthropology.  It occurred to me today that one day, we will all wake up, and the world in which we live will have changed drastically, seemingly overnight.  It will have transformed to such an extent as to convince our eyes and our senses that the scenes before us are some nightmarish fiction.  In fact, it will be a world that existed once in our primeval past, a realm of demons, giants, vampires, and hags.  How do we know this wil happen?  Well, if we are honest with each other, we can see it happening right now if we really want to look at it.  But, Jesus gives us a clue that this scenario will play out when he says "as it was in the days of Noah, so it will be at the coming of the Son of Man."  The Bible needs no sensationalism.  It needs no fantastical contextualization from outside scholars.  It is as sensational and fantastical, as it is truthful, and therefore compels us to pay attention to its message in its entirety, or pay a terrible price.  The endgame is written, but the past holds the clues.

What is this lost world that we look to then, for clues about the world to come?  If we were to peer into the world before the flood, we would find a shocking sight, not simply for its antiquity, but also at its inhabitants.  In Noahs' day, who lived on the earth?  Aside from humanity, a host of unnerving creatures dwelt in the earth.  The Fallen Angels--the Watchers--had lived amongst humans since their rebellion against heaven, even taking human females as mates.  Those unions produced the infamous race of giants, the Nephilim.  From their kind came evils that filtered into human civilizations and legends: vampires, hags, and were-creatures.  This venue produced a world of unbelievable wickedness, one in which demonic forces directly corrupted humanity.  Sounds like the Lord of the Rings right?  The Bible has no shortage of the fantastical.  The difference here is that it is real.

Are you prepared to wake up to a world like Noah's?  Get ready, because it's coming.

Posted by Professorburton at 7:47 PM CST

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