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Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Topic: Watchers and Giants


Sorcery—the practice of evil magic, anathema in every way to what a society considers moral.  Essentially, this is the anthropological definition of sorcery (or witchcraft, with which it is often used synonymously).  The characterization is also true from a Biblical perspective, with the qualification that the devil is the root source.  As it was to the prehistoric and ancient worlds, sorcery is still problematic today.


   To fully understand sorcery and its threat, we must more completely grasp the origins and the conveyance of sorcery from its beginnings through history.  Students of the Bible and the history of giants understand what I am getting at.  The Bible implies in Genesis and works like Enoch and the apocryphal texts enumerate that sorcery began in the antediluvian world.  The Fallen Angels—Watchers, whom Genesis 6 refers to as the Sons of God—descended on Mt. Hermon in the days of Jared.  They mated with human females and produced the Nephilim, the first generation of giants and chimerae.  In exchange for this genetic access, the Watchers taught a combination of practical sciences and sorcery.  All these events contributed to the corruption of humanity, the wide-spread wickedness on the earth, predicating the great flood.


   After the flood, despite the fact that the Watchers had been punished and imprisoned, additional generations of giants emerged and the knowledge of sorcery and science disseminated, with the giants of the post-flood world being the gods of ancient polytheistic religions and often, the founders of societies and civilizations.


   This series will examine in brief the emergence of Watchers and giants, their role in the creation of sorcery, and the survival of sorcery in later traditions and practitioners.  We will look at—if you will—the connective tissue.  At the source of it all, is understanding the tutelage of sorcery.  A Watcher (and later demons) taught these skills to people, just as we know people who become demonized are taught and used by their oppressors. 


 We will continue with a look at the antediluvian origins of sorcery next time.

                                                              © 2016 Judd Burton




Posted by Professorburton at 1:31 AM CST
Wednesday, 13 January 2016
Topic: Watchers and Giants

Recently, I read a series of blog entries from the site Remnant of Giants containing analysis of another article on the mythology of the Watchers.  This article, "Turning to the Angels to save Jewish Mythology" is a summary of recent research by Dr. Jonathan Ben-Dov, senior lecturer in Bible at the University of Haifa.  The full article may be read by clicking here.  The general claim of the article and subject of subsequent blog entries is that the Jewish tradition of the Watchers drew on other mythologies of the ancient Near East.

On one level--for the sake of argument--this is possible.  The academic stance has long been at least a version of this thesis.  There is certainly a long-established body of evidence demonstrating the influences of cultures from Mesopotamia and Egypt on Hebrew culture.  However, most scholars contend that the idea of the Watcher angel (or at least the books that expound upon them) is a relatively late ideological construct (Second Temple Period), having been based on much older deities from the above-mentioned societies and their beliefs.

However, if we subscribe to a supernatural worldview--and moreso, a Biblical worldview--references and depictions of celestial beings such as the Watchers, giants, and indeed the flood, in ancient cultures are in actuality separate descriptions of the same events and personalities.  Yes there are definitely going to be similarities in these depictions, the authors and artists are working from the same source material.

What the apocryphal material, such as Enoch, Jubilees, Jasher, and the lke, represent is the record of memory much older than the Hebrew language as a written system.  Of course one will find similarities between Mesopotamian and Hebrew accounts.  Not only were they geographically proximate, but this situation allowed for diffusion.  These stories circulated.

Very interesting article with interesting points.


Posted by Professorburton at 2:50 AM CST
Wednesday, 17 April 2013
Topic: Watchers and Giants

Many of you will be familar with the Ancient Aliens series on the History Channel.  If you know me or follow my work, you'll know that I disagree with it, or at last the interpretation of the evidence they have.  This documentary is called ANCIENT ALIENS DEBUNKED by documentarian Christ White, and it is excellent.  It features the work of a friend and colleague of mine, Semitic scholar Dr. Michael Heiser.  In a word, this film is tremendous in its import and lays out a lot of the problems with Anciet Aliens.  I highly recommend that you take some time to view it--very well done.  You can watch the entier three hour documentary for free by clicking on the link below.


Posted by Professorburton at 8:50 PM CDT

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